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Pediatrician Examining Infant



Nurse Coordinator: Candis Brack

Nurse Coordinator: Jennifer Keith

Nutrition Coordinator: Lisa Bonarriggiio


Head Start's Health Services area oversees the health status of children in Head Start, PA Department of Education, Early Head Start, EHS-CCP, and Pre-K Counts. Nurses track physicals, dentals, and immunizations. In addition, the Health Services area provides nutritional services, monitors treatment, and works with parents in the early identification of health problems. All children receive health screenings, nutritious meals, and oral health support. The program connects families with medical and dental services to ensure children are receiving services they need. Referrals to community services are made for families to be found without health insurance.


The children in our centers are given a breakfast, lunch and a pm snack. Our meals are served family style whenever possible. Our menus are written by our Registered Dietitian Consultant, following USDA Guidelines. We track and monitor all Nutrition Assessments which are filled out by the staff with the parent, on each child at orientation. Any child with a food allergy must have written documentation from their DR. in order for us to alter the menu. Any child who cannot have certain foods due to religious or personal reasons, must have a written note signed by the parent and dated. No outside food is allowed to be brought into the centers.

Health/Nutrition: Service
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